Windows API Reference: Revision History

The following list identifies which pages have been added or significantly changed in each update of the Windows API Guide's Reference section since February 13, 2000. Added or edited pages are listed according to date and general description (i.e., function pages are grouped together, etc.). Any page that was added in the update is flagged with NEW. Any page that was edited significantly (such as a correction or a layout change) appears in normal text.

January 21, 2001 Update

January 21, 2001: A smaller update than usual. The examples on all the Winsock functions have been fixed. The old code could hang if the remote server would stop responding. That bug has been corrected via the ioctlsocket function. Some list box messages have also been added, a function or two that work with screen resolutions, and a number of various error fixes. Sadly, problems with the server prevented me from getting the new search engine ready for this update. It should be up and running next time. Speaking of which, there will be some revisions in the overall layout of the site, which will hopefully aid navigation. Be warned: any bookmarks that point to anything that isn't will probably break, so be prepared.

December 17, 2000 Update

December 17, 2000: Some more Winsock functions have been added, along with a few list box messages. I've also corrected a few minor mistakes on some pages, but I haven't yet been able to fix all the mistakes I've been notified of yet. Hopefully those will be done in time for the next update. Finally, I'm still working on the search engine for the site. Most of it is done, but it still needs some more testing and security checking before I add it to the site.

October 29, 2000 Update

October 29, 2000: I've finally added a few Winsock API functions, at popular request. Also making an appearance are the CreateWindowEx function and information about the IP Address control. Finally, I've moved window class information into its own small section.

September 24, 2000 Update

September 24, 2000: Starting today, I'm going to write a short message like this in each update. For all of you who've asked me about how to get a list of the currently running processes on the system, your prayers have been answered. At least, the prayers about getting a list of processes on the system.... Anyway, you'll want to look at CreateToolhelp32Snapshot for that. I also added, among other things, SetWindowRgn, needed to make nonrectangular-looking windows. For the complete list of new goodies, go to the history page.

August 26, 2000 Update

July 30, 2000 Update

July 4, 2000 Update

June 4, 2000 Update

May 21, 2000 Update

April 16, 2000 Update

March 19, 2000 Update

February 13, 2000 Update

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