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Due to a few rogue sites pirating illegal copies of this Windows API Guide, it has become necessary to include the following copyright information. If you are considering publishing a duplication of this site, please don't. You are free to link to it from you site if you wish (preferably to the main index page, but duplication of these pages is unacceptable.

All of the pages making up the Windows API Guide are copyright © 1999-2000 Paul Kuliniewicz. All information contained in these pages is also copyright © 1999-2000 Paul Kuliniewicz, except for cases where that information is covered by another copyright (see below).

General Site License

Free and unlimited usage of this site is granted to all visitors. The pages contained on this site may be copied for personal use only! By this, I mean saving a copy of a page to a disk to refer to later (presumably when not connected to the Internet). However, duplication for the purpose of republishing any part of this guide, whether or not including the author's name, is explicitly forbidden. Any and all violators are subject to prosecution under United States copyright law and international copyright law, whichever may apply, to the full extent of the law.

Example Code License

All code examples on this site are licensed according to the following conditions:

  1. There is no guarantee that the code samples on this site work. Use them at your own risk. Naturally I try to make sure that they work properly, but there is always the risk of typos or incomplete testing of the code. By using the examples, you agree not to hold me liable for any damage caused by their use or misuse.
  2. You are allowed to edit the code samples and use them in your own programs. However, you are required to put a notice of my authorship of parts of your code in such a manner so that the user of the program is able to read it. For example, a mention along the lines of "Portions of this program written by Paul Kuliniewicz" and a reference to A comment in the code should also be made to the same effect.
  3. You are allowed to distribute copies of the code examples, provided that my authorship of them is noted as in Part 2 of this license. Notice that no guarantee is made regarding the code (as in Part 1) must also be mentioned.

If you do not agree to the above conditions, then you are not allowed to redistribute the code samples in any manner, nor are you allowed to use the code samples in your program in any manner. You also may not hold me liable for any damages caused by the code samples.

If you have a question about this license, or wonder how this license may apply to a particular situation, please ask me.

Copyrights and Trademarks

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