Windows API Reference

Last Update: January 21, 2001

Welcome to the Reference section of the Windows API Guide. Here, you will find documentation on hundreds of API functions and the structures that go along with them. Each API function page includes an example in Visual Basic 5.0 which demonstrates proper usage. The information in the reference section is organized according to what it describes. Please click on a link below.

Interested in what has been added or edited since the last update of the Windows API Guide? Take a look at the Revision History of the Reference section!

January 21, 2001: A smaller update than usual. The examples on all the Winsock functions have been fixed. The old code could hang if the remote server would stop responding. That bug has been corrected via the ioctlsocket function. Some list box messages have also been added, a function or two that work with screen resolutions, and a number of various error fixes. Sadly, problems with the server prevented me from getting the new search engine ready for this update. It should be up and running next time. Speaking of which, there will be some revisions in the overall layout of the site, which will hopefully aid navigation. Be warned: any bookmarks that point to anything that isn't will probably break, so be prepared.

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Last Modified: January 21, 2001
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