GreenBar in Reports - SSRS


The term greenbar is taken from tractor-feed paper that was used in computer printers in the 1970s and 1980s. It had bands of green across the width of the page so that three lines of data would be on a white background, alternating with three lines on a green background. This was done to make it easier to read across long lines of data. This article demonstrates how to reproduce this effect in Reporting Services.


1. Layout your data in a Table control, with group headers and footers as required.

2. For the BackgroundColor property for the cells of interest, specify the following expression.

=Iif((RowNumber("table1")-1) Mod 6 < 3, "#c0ffc0", "White")

=Iif((RowNumber("table1")-1) Mod 2 < 1, "#c0ffc0", "White")