Downloading Email from an Exchange Server - Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2007

On Source Machine

(1) Get the name of the email server within Outlook. Do this via Tools menu > Email Accounts > View or change existing email accounts > Next button > Change button. The name of the email server will be displayed in the Microsoft Exchange Server field.


On Target Machine

(1) Close Outlook

(2) Go to the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog via Control Panel > Mail.

(3) Click the Email Accounts button


(4) On the Email tab, click the New button.


(5) A wizard will appear. On the second step, choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types.


(6) On the Microsoft Exchange Settings page, CLEAR the Use Cached Exchange Mode checkbox, then enter your EMAIL ADDRESS for the User Name field.


(7) Open Outlook

(8) Move emails from both your Inbox and your Sent Items folders.

(9) COPY contacts from your Contacts folder.

(10) Close Outlook

(11) Back in the Mail Setup - Outlook (Control Panel > Mail), remove the Exchange server connection you just added.