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This article describes how to find the MAC address of various devices.

Table of Contents [Hide/Show]

      Android Smartphone
      Kindle Fire
      MacBook Air
      Xbox 360


Android Smartphone

1. Navigate to System Settings > About Phone

2. On the About Phone page, tap Status.

3. Scroll down to "Wi-Fi MAC Address"


1. Navigate to Settings > General > About

2. Scroll down to "Wi-Fi Address"

Kindle Fire

1. Navigate to Settings > More > Device

2. Scroll down to Wi-Fi MAC Address

MacBook Air

1. Navigate to Apple Menu > System Preferences

2. Click the Network icon

3. Click the Advanced button

4. Read the "Wi-Fi Address" at the bottom of the dialog.


1. Open a Command Window (via Start Menu > Run > "cmd")

2. Type the command "ipconfig /all" and press Enter.

3. Review the results. For the "Ethernet adapter" that does NOT have "Media State" of "Media disconnected", read the "Physical Address"


Xbox 360

1. Navigate to Xbox Dashboard > My Xbox > System Settings

2. Click Network Settings > Configure Network

3. Select Advanced Settings > Alternate Mac Address

4. Read Wired MAC Address

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