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Page History: Installer Projects - Visual Studio

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Page Revision: Wed, Jun 06, 2012, 10:59 AM


This article gives an overview of working with Installer projects within Visual Studio. Refer also to Web.Config Transformations with Web Setup Project - Visual Studio.

Installer projects are primarily declarative in nature, with the exception of Installer Classes, which are included in your application code.

ItemHow to Configure
Files to installView menu > Editor > File System
Files NOT to installSolution Explorer > Installer project > "Content Files" or "Primary output" > right-click > Exclude filter
Registry entriesView menu > Editor > Registry
File Types to createView menu > Editor > File Types
Installer dialogsView menu > Editor > User Interface
Custom actionsView menu > Editor > Custom Actions
Launch conditionsView menu > Editor > Launch Conditions
PrerequisitesSolution Explorer > Installer Project > right-click > Properties > Prerequisites button


Changing a Connection String Based on User Input

1. Include a "Textboxes" dialog in your User Interface.

2. For one of the textboxes, specify the following (where N = 1-4).

EditNLabelSQL Server Instance
EditNValue(default value)

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