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Last Updated: January 21, 2001

Welcome to the Windows API Guide! Here, you will discover a wealth of information to help you implement calls to the Windows API directly from your Visual Basic programs. This site is sort of a work in progress; it falls short of encompassing the entire Windows API. Nevertheless, new information about functions and the like is added every two or three weeks. Check back often to see what's new!


The Reference section contains documentation on hundreds of Windows API functions. Besides the functions, information on the related structures and other items also appears for reference. Each function page includes a well-commented example illustrating common usage of the function.


The Articles section contains articles about API-related topics. These multi-page articles go in-depth about a specific issue in the API and offer a more well-rounded approach to learning about API functions without much technical information. Of course, the reference information for each function is only a click away.

Still can't find what you're looking for anywhere on the site? Then try browsing the web site. Along with their sizable collection of Visual Basic programming information, they also have an API programming section filled with helpful articles, some of which cover ideas not currently discussed on this web site.

Still unable to find what you're looking for? You might want to e-mail me about what you're looking for. If I can't give you the information, I might be able to point you in the right direction anyway.

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Last Modified: January 21, 2001
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