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syspermissions System Table - SQL Server 2000

Modified on Fri, May 01, 2009, 11:02 AM by Administrator Categorized as SQL Server System Tables
Contains information about permissions granted and denied to users, groups, and roles in the database. This table is stored in each database.

Column nameData typeDescription
idintID of the object for object permissions; 0 for statement permissions.
granteesmallintID of the user, group, or role affected by the permission.
grantorsmallintID of the user, group, or role that granted or revoked the permission.
actaddsmallintFor internal use only.
actmodsmallintFor internal use only.
seladdvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.
selmodvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.
updaddvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.
updmodvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.
refaddvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.
refmodvarbinary(4000)For internal use only.

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