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syslogins System Table - SQL Server 2000

Modified on Fri, May 01, 2009, 11:00 AM by Administrator Categorized as SQL Server System Tables
Contains one row for each login account.

Column nameData typeDescription
sidvarbinary(85)Security identifier.
statussmallintFor internal use only.
createdatedatetimeDate the login was added.
updatedatedatetimeDate the login was updated.
accdatedatetimeFor internal use only.
totcpuintFor internal use only.
totiointFor internal use only.
spacelimitintFor internal use only.
timelimitintFor internal use only.
resultlimitintFor internal use only.
namevarchar(30)Login ID of the user.
dbnamenvarchar(128)Name of the user's default database when connection is established.
passwordnvarchar(128)Encrypted password of the user (may be NULL).
languagenvarchar(128)User's default language.
denyloginint1, if login is a Microsoft® Windows NT® user or group and has been denied access.
hasaccessint1, if login has been granted access to the server.
isntnameint1 if login is a Windows NT user or group; 0 if the login is a Microsoft SQL Server™ login.
isntgroupint1, if login is a Windows NT group.
isntuserint1, if login is a Windows NT user.
sysadminint1, if login is a member of the sysadmin server role.
securityadminint1, if login is a member of the securityadmin server role.
serveradminint1, if login is a member of the serveradmin fixed server role.
setupadminint1, if login is a member of the setupadmin fixed server role.
processadminint1, if login is a member of the processadmin fixed server role.
diskadminint1, if login is a member of the diskadmin fixed server role.
dbcreatorint1, if login is a member of the dbcreator fixed server role.
loginnamenvarchar(128)Actual name of the login, which may be different from the login name used by SQL Server.

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