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sysjobhistory System Table - SQL Server 2000

Modified on Fri, May 01, 2009, 10:58 AM by Administrator Categorized as SQL Server System Tables
Contains information about the execution of scheduled jobs by SQL Server Agent. This table is stored in the msdb database.

Column nameData typeDescription
instance_idintUnique identifier for the row.
job_iduniqueidentifierJob ID.
step_idintID of the step in the job.
step_namesysnameName of the step.
sql_message_idintID of any Microsoft® SQL Server™ error message returned if the job failed.
sql_severityintSeverity of any SQL Server error.
messagenvarchar(1024)Text, if any, of a SQL Server error.
run_statusintStatus of the job execution: 0 = failed; 1 = succeeded; 2 = retry; 3 = canceled; 4 = in progress.
run_dateintDate the job or step started execution. For an In Progress history, this is the date/time the history was written.
run_timeintTime the job or step completed.
run_durationintElapsed time in the execution of the job or step in HHMMSS format.
operator_id_emailedintID of the operator notified when the job completed.
operator_id_netsentintID of the operator notified by a message when the job completed.
operator_id_pagedintID of the operator notified by pager when the job completed.
retries_attemptedintNumber of retry attempts for the job or step.
servernvarchar(30)Name of the server where the job was executed.

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