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SQL*Plus Commands Quick Reference - Oracle

Modified on Fri, Jan 09, 2009, 12:34 PM by Administrator Categorized as Oracle, Quick Reference
Command Alias Usage
APPEND text A Adds text to the end of the current line
CHANGE/old/new C Changes occurences of old text to new text in the current line. If only old is present, its occurences are deleted from the current line.
CLEAR BUFFER CL BUFF Deletes all lines from the SQL buffer
DEL m n  Deletes the current line (m? n?)
INPUT text I Inserts an indefinite number of lines. If text is present, inserts a line consisting of text.
LIST m n L Lists all lines in the SQL buffer, or m lines (if present), or lines m to n (if both present).
RUN R Displays then runs the current SQL statement in the buffer
n text   Specifies the line to make the current line. If text is present, the text of line n is replaced with text.
0 text   Inserts a line before line 1, using text
SAVE filename {REPLACE|APPEND}SAV Saves the current contents of the buffer to a file, with a default exension of SQL. APPEND adds the text to an existing file; REPLACE overwrites an existing file.
GET filename   Writes the contents of a file to the SQL buffer, with a default extension of SQL, retrieving only the SQL statements, not the SQL*Plus statements.
START filenameSTA Runs a previously saved command file, with a default extension of SQL.
@filename   Same as START
EDIT filename ED Invokes editor to edit the contents of a file, with a default extension of SQL.
SPOOL filename OFF|OUT SPO Stores query results in a file. OFF closes the spool file; OUT closes the spool file and sends the file results to a system printer.
EXIT   Leaves SQL*Plus

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