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Public URLs in Mockflow

Modified on Tue, Apr 25, 2017, 3:40 PM by Administrator Categorized as Visual Studio and Developer Tools


This article explains how to determine the public URL of a wireframe in MockFlow.


Method #1

Note that you must have greater than Editor access to execute this procedure.

1. When you select a wireframe to work with, a panel pops out from the right side of the window. Click the Menu button on this panel.

MockFlow Pop-Out Panel

MockFlow Pop-Out Panel

2. If you have greater than Editor access, the menu shown will have a "Public URL" selection.

Method #2

1. Using the web interface (not the Windows Desktop app), open the wireframe of interest.

2. Make note of the projectid query string parameter.

3. The public URL will one of the following this template
  • Older wireframes: http://app.mockflow.com/view/{projectid}
  • Newer wireframes: http://wireframepro.mockflow.com/view/{projectid}
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