Moving a ScrewTurn Wiki

To move a ScrewTurn wiki from one server to another, execute the following procedure.

  1. In IIS, create a new either a new website or a new web application to host the wiki in.
  2. In the Properties dialog for the website, select the ASP.NET tab and specify an ASP.NET version of 2.0.50727.
  3. Deploy ScrewTurn Wiki files.
  4. Deploy web.config.
  5. Deploy WIKI\Themes\Jasinski folder.
  6. Deploy WIKI\public folder from the source wiki.
  7. Login as admin user and go to the Administration page.
  8. Restart the ScrewTurn Wiki application.
  9. Grant Modify rights on the WIKI\public folder to the local-machine-name\ASPNET user.