Common, Useful Exception Classes

ClassNamespaceBase TypeDescription
Exception ObjectBase class for all exceptions.
ArgumentExceptionSystemSystemExceptionBase class for all argument exceptions.
ArgumentNullException ArgumentExceptionThrown by methods that do not allow an argument to be null.
ArgumentOutOfRangeException ArgumentExceptionThrown by methods that verify that arguments are in a given range.
COMException ExternalExceptionException encapsulating COM Hresult information.
ExternalException SystemExceptionBase class for ex-ceptions that occur or are targeted at environments out-side of the runtime.
IndexOutOfRangeException SystemExceptionThrown by the runtime only when an array is indexed improperly.
InvalidOperationException SystemExceptionThrown by methods when in an invalid state.
NullReferenceException SystemExceptionThrown by the runtime only when a null object is referenced.
SEHException ExternalExceptionException encapsulating Win32 structured Exception Handling information.
SystemException ExceptionBase class for all runtime-generated errors.