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Configuring Authentication and Users - Mongo DB

Modified on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, 7:49 AM by Administrator Categorized as Uncategorized


This article explains how to configure authentication and setup users for a Mongo DB instance.


On the Primary Server

1. Turn off replication


For each host name within the replica set, within the Mongo shell issue the following command.


2. Add root user (still in the Mongo shell)

use admin
db.createUser({user:"root", pwd:"MySecurePassword", roles:[{role:"root",db:"admin"}]})

3. Create additional users (still in the Mongo shell)

db.createUser({user:"MyUserName", pwd:"MySecurePassword",
   . . .

4. Shutdown the database (still within the Mongo shell)


After this step, you should be back at the Linux prompt

5. Create the authorization key file.

openssl rand -base64 755 > /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key

All Mongo DB Servers

1. If necessary, stop the Mongo DB service

service mongod stop

2. Configure authorization in the /etc/mongod.conf file by adding the following lines to the "security:" section

  authorization: enabled
  keyFile: /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key

3. Verify the above change

cat /etc/mongod.conf | grep "authorization"

4. Install the authorization key file (all servers except Primary)

IMPORTANT: The mongod-auth.key must have the same contents on all Mongo DB Servers! Copy the /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key file from the Primary server to the same folder on all the other servers.

5. Adjust security on the authorization key file.

chown mongod:mongod /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key
chmod 400 /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key
cat /mongo/keys/mongod-auth.key

Primary Server

1. Exit from the Mongo DB shell (if necessary)

2. Log into Mongo as the root user

mongo -u root admin -p

At the prompt, provide the password for the root user.

3. Re-activate replication (within the Mongo DB shell)

For each server in the replica set


4. Exit the Mongo DB shell.

5. Start the Mongo DB service

service mongod start

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