Jasinski Online

Technical Wiki
A wiki of notes on all things technical, primarily for developers. Most articles are on SQL Server, and ASP.NET. Other topics include the Microsoft.NET Framework, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, XPath, and Windows Registry settings, among others.
Windows API
Technical reference for using many of the Windows API functions from Visual Basic. This area of the website is a replica of the now defunct WWW.VBAPI.COM website.
Humor and Puzzles
A collection of jokes, puzzles, solutions, and curiosities.
Alias Game
Some people choose not to use their real names. Celebrities use stage names, authors use pen names, and superheros hide their true identity behind a mask. See how well you know the real names of celebrities, authors, and superheros by taking our quiz. A new set of questions is generated every time.
Seinfeld Files
A searchable database of the scripts and cast for every Seinfeld episode. Find the episode where they discuss shrinkage, regifting, close-talking, low-talking, and much more.
The main portal for Jasinski Software.
The main portal for all things musical.
A journal for everything that doesn't fit elsewhere.